Bitcoin Sportsbooks

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Bitcoin Sportsbooks are catering for most countries now. For instance you can bet on the NBA and NFL in America, you can bet on the cricket in India, Australia, Pakistan, the West Indies and many other places.

Bitcoin sports betting can open up many new avenues for punters because there are generally no regulations on the bet types and when you can place bets. For instance, with Bitcoin, you can bet live on many sports, while in the sport’s host country Live Betting Online might be banned.

What sports can I bet on with Bitcoin?

Obviously this varies from Bitcoin bookmaker to Bitcoin bookmaker, but most have a strong range of international sports and like your standard fiat bookmakers ramp up the coverage when there is a big event on, such as the Olympics, the Soccer World Cup, or the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

Below is a list of sports that we have encountered at Bitcoin Bookmakers:

Bitcoin Sports Betting

    Horse Racing
    Harness Racing

Bitcoin Deposit Bonuses

Just like your standard online bookmaker that accepts government currencies, Bitcoin sports books offer outstanding incentives to bet with them. Generally these incentives take the form of deposit bonuses, which means the sports book will match your deposit with them. This means if you deposit three bitcoins they will match this deposit.

Why bet with Bitcoin?

Generally when you deposit with a government currency sportsbook you are forced to pay transaction fees, either via Vig or bank fees, depending on your deposit method. With Bitcoin, deposits and withdrawals from your Bitcoin wallet to your sportsbook are instant and free. This is refreshing in the age when it costs you $2 to withdraw money from a hole in the wall.

Because Bitcoin has less regulation surrounding it and less red tape to break through they can afford to give you better odds and better bet options than your standard bookmaker.

Professional Punters & Bitcoins

Hear about the big punter who got cut off by a bookie for winning too much? It’s a common theme. If you’re good at betting, bookies don’t want your business. With Bitcoin, because of the anonymous nature of it, big bettors cannot be cut off.

You bet anonymously, you withdraw anonymously to your Bitcoin wallet. There is no name associated to your account so you won’t be cut off. Each Bitcoin Bookmaker has their own bet limits, but many are generous.

Bitcoin Sports Betting and Tax

Every country has its own laws surrounding Bitcoin, or lack of laws surrounding Bitcoin in most cases. You need to be aware that your government might have strict tax laws on Bitcoin and gambling.

Bitcoin Deposit & Withdrawals at Online Bookmakers

This is the beautiful thing about Bitcoin. When you deposit money it is instant. When you withdraw your money it is instant. Unlike the standard bookmaker there is no two day wait to withdraw your winnings. Or if you want to deposit a large sum, there is no two day wait for the funds to be cleared from your bank account to your bookies account. As long as you have the desired bitcoins in you Bitcoin Wallet you are ready to gamble.

Sportsbook Customer Support & Security

When you’re choosing where to gamble with your hard earned bitcoins it’s crucial to gamble with a bookie that is reputable and easily reached. There is nothing worse than struggling with a technical issue during the withdrawal process, only to find that there is no customer support. We can vouch for the customer support at some Bitcoin Bookmakers, but do yourself a favour and make sure you do your research before committing your BTC to anyone.

This means read reviews and check forums, if there are other people complaining about issues with withdrawals or deposits taking two days to show up, chances are that you will also have issues, so don’t bet there.
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