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At first glance Seals with Clubs is a great alternative for poker players who live in countries where fiat-based websites are banned, such as the USA. But there are other benefits to players playing at this bitcoin poker website. For instance the rake is kept to a bare minimum, unlike Pokerstars and 888 Poker.

Having said that, this is not a sales pitch, we’re here to review the product on its merits, and the most notable pitfall is there is a lot less players on the website, in comparison to Pokerstars, even though the patronage has been steadily growing. This means there are less games to choose from.

SealsWithClubs was launched in August of 2011, in the wake of Black Friday, the event that stopped Americans from playing their favourite card game.

Seals With Club is run by poker people including Bryon Micon and Justin Schwartz and they are always looking for ways to improve the service, including recently upgrading the server, which has resulted in far greater stability.

Seals with Clubs – Bitcoin Only Poker

Bitcoin Poker Seals with Clubs

The only way to deposit funds to your poker account is through the use of bitcoins. This is useful for a number of reasons. Some people like to stay anonymous when they  are gambling online. Others are not allowed to use websites like Pokerstars and Full Tilt.

All games at SWC are played with chips. This means when you fund your account your bitcoins are turned into poker chips. One Bitcoin always equals 1,000 SWC Chips.

If you don’t understand what Bitcoin is you can read our explanation here, while if you want to know how to firstly, get a bitcoin wallet, and then deposit funds you can click on the guides below.

How to sign up at SealsWithClubs

It’s very simple to sign up with SealsWithClubs, you simply visit www.sealswithclubs.com and enter a username and password and an optional email address, which can be beneficial if you lose access to your account through forgetting your password. This does not mean you have to use an account with your true name, or email address, so we recommend signing up with an email address linked to the account.

After this simple process it’s as easy as visiting the cashier or banking section of SealsWithClubs and making a deposit form your funded Bitcoin wallet.
Seals With Clubs Deposits

Depositing & Withdrawing bitcoins

When you have made an account at Seals With Clubs to fund you account you need to visit the cashier section or my account section, depending on whether you are playing the instant-play or downloadable client.

From here you can see your current cash-in address. From you funded web wallet you then enter the amount of bitcoins you wish to deposit over to your Seals With Clubs account.

Making a withdrawal from SWC is just as simple, you enter your username, bitcoin address (where you want to send your bitcoins), your SWC password and the amount of SWC chips you wish to withdraw. Always keep in mind that one Bitcoin is 1,000 chips.

Seals with Clubs on Windows, Mac & Linux

Seals with Clubs has downloadable clients available for Windows, Mac and Linux users. The platform is similar in style to Full Tilt poker, but not quite as refined. By this we mean the cosmetics are not quite as professional, but there is a certain charm to the Windows 95 feel.

The type of game you play is easily navigable via tabs across the top of the client.

Some Mac and Linux users will need to change their security settings to allow SealsWithClubs to operate in their browser.

Instant-Play Games

If you don’t want to download the SealsWithClubs client to your computer you can play through you browser in an instant-play window. In our experience this is not as stable as downloading the client, but it is available.

The same games are available in the instant play version and signing in is just as easy, just visit the website and click the link to Play Now Browser, which is located in the centre of your screen.

From there it’s as simple as choosing your game type and the buy-in amount – these all being the same as the ones available on the downloadable client.

Texas Hold’em, Omaha & Other Games

Seals With Clubs Game LobbyTexas Hold’em is the most popular game at Seals With Clubs as it is with most poker websites. There are micro tables and tables with higher limits. Generally it’s the micro tables which are the most popular when it comes to Texas Hold’Em although we did manage to find table where we came out about USD $200 ahead – so there is something for every player.

Omaha is another popular game at SWC, there is generally a few micro tables running, although there have been several times when there has been none at all.

Sit and Go tournaments are also a feature of SWC but don’t seem to be as heavily frequented as the cash games.

Seals with Clubs also offers weekly freerolls where players can win SWC chips. These tournaments are often the time when the website is at its busiest, with upwards of 500 players online. The rewards are generous and can be simply cashed out if won. So this means a player could start with nothing and walk away with free winnings.

The Rake at Seals with Clubs

This is where players benefit by playing at Seals With Clubs. The rake is just 2.5% on No Limit or Pot Limit games which is significantly lower than other poker websites. The max rake if you are playing a hi stakes game is 0.001BTC or 10 SWC chips.

If you are playing a limit game, the rake is just 1%, with the maximum taken 0.007BTC or 7 SWC chips.

Any hands that don’t make it to the flop SWC will not take any rake.

SWC Player Rewards Program (Krill)

Every time you are dealt into a raked ring game hand you are awarded krill points. We can’t even begin to explain the maths behind this system, but it works out well for the player. The basic premise is the more you play on SWC the more Krill points you will earn, giving you larger rakebacks (up to 50%) and more clout to enter into freerolls.
If you play a lot on Seals With Clubs this system works well, you are given cash back and the freerolls are sometimes generous.

Poker Maven Software & Customer Security

SWC uses software based on Poker Mavens by Briggs Softworks. So far there have been no bad reports on the software, other than the odd connectivity problem, which may be SWC’s own fault.

While the client is not as aesthetically pleasing as some other poker websites, it is certainly usable and you can test the random number generator out yourself on the briggsoft.com website.

The people behind SWC take security extremely seriously and are hell bent on providing an alternative to American poker players, so they know the importance of keeping players funds and information secure.

But obviously with a young site like SWC there are always concerns about safety and these are well-founded. Perhaps making a small denomination deposit and withdrawal will ease the fears of some.

Customer Support at SWC

To contact customer support at SWC email support@swcpoker.eu

We have found that they respond quickly to any queries that you may have.
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