SatoshiBet Bitcoin Casino Review

best bitcoin casinos[ws_table id=”24″]This is a bitcoin casino with a difference. It’s the Nintendo Wii to the Playstation 2. While SatoshiBet does not have the games offered that some other casinos boast the games they do have are extremely entertaining.

On top of SatoshiBet being an extremely popular Bitcoin casino, they also accept Litecoin and Dogecoin. All of these deposit options are instant, so it won’t take you long to get started.

They have shown they are not afraid to break from traditional casino games, but also cater for those who are looking for roulette, blackjack, dice and video poker.

Games at SatoshiBet – Provably Fair

Provably Fair Casino
Yep that’s right, at SatoshiBet you can run a check on the RNGs for yourself. Their tag is the Fair Bitcoin Casino and so far we’ve had no problems with any of their games. SatoshiBet develop their own games, which in number have been steadily increasing, since the casino was founded in 2013.

There are games at SatoshiBet which will be found nowhere else on the Web, like the sensational version of the Big Wheel and Minesweeper for money. But don’t think the classic casino games have been neglected.

Roulette – European and American

It’s a no-brainer to play European roulette. For the uninitiated this means that there is only one 0 on the wheel, rather than the 0 and 00 American roulette has. At SatoshiBet both types are available but if you’re serious about winning only one is viable.

While the interface is not as nice as some of the big software companies have spat out in recent times, SatoshiBet’s roulette tables are extremely functional and cater for both high rollers and low limit players. The disappointing part about the cosmetics is that there is actually no wheel, you simply see a moving row of numbers with a ball in it at the top of your table.

Table Limits:
Minimum bet: 0.001 mB⃦
Maximum bet: 3000 mB⃦
Maximum Inside bet: 500mB⃦


SatoshiBet only has the one version of blackjack available for players, with it powered by an RNG. The gameplay is fast with it only possible to play one hand per deal.

Bitcoin Blackjack As with the roulette, the gameplay and interface has been stripped back to the bare necessities. You are just confronted with a green felt with the a box down the bottom of the screen which allows you to choose your bet amount.

Betting Limits:
Minimum bet: 0.001mB⃦
Maximum bet: 500mB⃦

Casino War

Most people who frequent casinos would have come across Casino War. This is an extremely simple game. It’s just you versus the dealer. You’re both dealt one card and basically the higher card wins.

Minimum bet: 0.001 mB⃦
Maximum bet: 1000 mB⃦

Slots and Pokies at SatoshiBet

The slots available at SatoshiBet really highlight the boutique nature of this online casino. While there has been talk of adding a bulk lot of games from an existing software provider, at the moment there are only three different pokies to choose from.
Bitcoin Slots

Lucky 7: Remember the old lever game Pub Fruity that used to be found in drinking holes all over the world? Well Lucky 7 is an extremely similar three reel slot that has exchanged some of the symbols for different related bitcoin pictures, including the bitcoin symbol. The payouts are generally pretty good from this machine if you hit the right combination

Gold Rush: Is a 5 reel progressive slot that has recently been added to the SatoshiBet games catalogue. While you are playing this game you are playing for a progressive jackpot which was the equivalent of around USD $500 at the time of publication.

Pirates Fortune: Is a 5 reel progressive slot which has only recently become part of the catalogue at SatoshiBet. The game, as the name suggests, is pirate themed and features symbols such as a parrot, a pirate’s boat, a blunderbuss and a cannon. The feature trigger, or Wild symbol is a skull and cross bone.

Video Poker

Video Poker has been a popular game for a long time and SatoshiBet’s version is easy to play. Just like the traditional game you’re chasing a poker hand. The graphics are very basic, but the game is fair and easy to navigate.


Those of us that have worked office jobs are very familiar with Minesweeper, the game that has been coming on windows machines since Jesus was a boy. Satoshibet features a monetized version of Minesweeper, called Minesweeper, which allows you to choose a path through a field of mines. The further that you get along the path, without hitting a mine, the higher your return is.

While this game is based largely on luck, unlike the original, it has a unique charm that has proven to be popular with people across the globe.


Casino Spinning WheelI have never quite understood the Big Wheel that you see in casinos around the world. People seem to love it. Perhaps it’s the fact there is always a jackpot spinning around and around on the wheel.

While the jackpots are not as high at SatoshiBet’s wheel, there is enough bitcoin on offer to keep most players interested. The premise of the game is simple – select how much you want to bet and spin the wheel. The payouts range from anything from 1x your initial outlay to 100x your bet.

There are three different wheels to choose from at this bitcoin casino and they are well worth a look.


SatoshiBet has just the one baccarat game available to players. Like the blackjack and roulette games available it is RNG-based. Like the other table games the interface is somewhat primitive, but when it comes down to it does the job. Just like in regular baccarat you can bet on the Player, the Banker or the Tie.

Deposit and Withdrawals at SatoshiBet

Depositing bitcoin is almost instant at SatoshiBet. It’s as simple as creating an account, and sending bitcoin from you funded bitcoin wallet over to the unique account code that you will have been given to you in the SatoshiBet banking area. After you have sent the money it should show up in your account in a matter of minutes.

Withdrawals can take a similar amount of time, although we did have to wait three hours one time – still a big improvement on the two days it can take for a fiat-currency casino to process a withdrawal.

Dogecoin and Litecoin at SatoshiBet

On top of accepting bitcoin, Satoshibet also accept alternate cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin and Litecoin, which is a growing trend among online casinos. These other cryptocurrencies are not as well established as bitcoin but have certain niches that they dabble in.

The USD value of Dogecoin and Litecoin is significantly less that bitcoin, but like their big brother, they deposit instantly to Satoshibet.

Bitcoin to casino chips conversion

Each bitcoin you deposit at SatoshiBet is worth 1000 mB⃦ which is the standard across the industry. Obviously fluctuations in the price of bitcoin means that the amount of actual fiat currency you are betting changes from day to day, or minute to minute.

Can USA residents play at SatoshiBet?

SatoshiBet don’t discriminate, they accept players from anywhere. The anonymous peer-to-peer nature of bitcoin means it is the perfect deposit method for players with strict government regulations – or no government regulations.

24/7 Customer Service

SatoshiBet are a highly-respected bitcoin casino and it’s largely on the back of their prompt customer service. At the moment they only have email support, but on several separate occasions we have had a query answered within an hour.

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