Coin Mama Review

coinmama bitcoin exchangeIf you’re looking to buy bitcoins quickly Coin Mama is a great option simply because you receive your requested cryptocurrency in a matter of minutes, rather than days.

CoinMama allows purchases of bitcoin mainly with credit cards and cash payments, which is extremely handy for those who need their transaction to be handled quickly.

This exchange allows customers from any country but places the emphasis back on the user to abide by laws in their country. So even if you are from a country where bitcoin is banned, or CoinMama is not licenced to operate you may still be able to use the “functions” on their site, as it says in their fine print.

Sign-up and verification

To make an account at you need to have an email address and will be asked for this, along with your name and country of residence. You will also have to confirm you have read the terms of use and are not related to a high-ranking public figure.

If you wish to pay with credit card you have to verify you card, through a service called Simplex. This means you have to attach several documents to an email form, but when we did this, we had it verified within an hour.

How to use Coin Mama

When you first arrive at Coin Mama you are confronted with buy or sell bitcoin. The ‘buy’ page gives you the options to buy four different amounts of bitcoin, from 0.2 right through to four bitcoins.

Below these four panels there is a slider that allows you to manually select how many bitcoins you wish to buy. The purchase cost changes accordingly as you move the marker. Coin Mama’s well designed website picks up where you are situated and adjusts the currency display accordingly.

Because you have already signed up and verified your account, you are then able to complete the purchase and should have your coins in a matter of minutes.

At this stage selling bitcoin is not available at Coin Mama, but they tell us this option is imminent.

If you have any troubles during the process at Coin Mama there is a live chat option which is frequently manned, or you can contact customer service via email.

CoinMama: Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card

Payment methods at Coin Mama

This can be done in two ways – either via credit or debit card, or through Moneygram. As we mentioned above there is a verification process to use a credit card, but it is quick and easy.

To pay with cash you need to use MoneyGram which is readily available in most countries and is even available in some 7 Elevens around the world. Making a payment this way is extremely simple and the prompts will guide you through the process.

Until recently Coin Mama offered Paypal as a payment option but this is no longer available, but we’re assured there will be more payment options in the not too distant future.

Our take on Coin Mama

These guys have only been around a short while, but we like what we have seen form them so far. The ease of purchase is definitely the highlight and each time we have used their service, we have received our order quickly.

The fees are low at Coin Mama as they should be with bitcoin related services and we have not heard any negative feedback. So in conclusion if you are looking to gamble at casinos, buy bitcoins to spend on the Silk Road or whatever you are doing with them, Coin Mama provides an extremely useful and simple service, even bitcoin newbies will be able to navigate.

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