Bitcoin Blackjack

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Bicoin BlackjackBlackjack is one of the staples of both brick and mortar and online casinos. Bitcoin casinos have embraced the technology and there are plenty of options for people who wish to use this cryptocurrency as a deposit and withdrawal method.

What are the benefits of using Bitcoin, instead of regular currency, you might ask? Well the obvious one is that the restrictions that might be placed on you gambling at online casinos by your respective governments (think USA, France etc) are not able to be policed because of the anonymous nature of Bitcoin.

The other major question for blackjack players about Bitcoin casinos is whether these cryptocurrency casinos are as good as your fiat-based online counterparts. For a long time the answer was no, but as the popularity of Bitcoin has grown the vendors are more willing to pour money into software development, or buying decent software off providers like BetSoft and Playtech. So now the answer is “yes” playing blackjack at Bitcoin casinos is a positive alternative.

Best Online Bitcoin Blackjack Casinos

CloudBet Casino

Cloudbet Casino is our no.1 rated casino for blackjack players. On top of an outstanding range of random number generated blackjack games (Standard, European, Single Deck and Pirate 21) this casino also has one of our favourite Live Dealer Casinos. There are table limits to suit almost every level of player, so whether you are a big spender or a social player, Cloudbet is one of the best options for bitcoin blackjack players.

mBit Casino

Like CloudBet Casino, mBit Casino is largely powered by the brilliant BetSoft platform, which has been a pacesetter among bitcoin casinos. The Live Dealer blackjack games include low limit games (10-200 mBit chips) or high limit (30-600), so all types of players are catered for. There is also a good range of RNG games for bitcoin blackjack players.

The selection of RNG-based blackjack games at is unparalleled. This bitcoin casino has over 15 games available in an easy-to-use instant-play interface. This casino also has an outstanding Live Dealer component, with the dealers quite easy on the eye. If you’re a bitcoin gambler this is definitely one casino that you should check out.

SatoshiBet Casino

SatoshiBet is an alternative casino, by alternative we mean that they develop their own games. However they do allow you to manually check their RNG’s for fairness, so they can back up their claim to be the “Provably Fair Bitcoin Casino”. In terms of blackjack SatoshiBet is extremely limited, but there are several options for 21 players.

Different blackjack games available at bitcoin casinos

Pontoon: This is one of the most popular bitcoin blackjack games available. It still works on the same principal as other blackjack games, except 21 is called Pontoon.

Pirate 21: Puts a twist on the standard blackjack game by introducing a side bet. If you hit triple 7s suited and the dealer has a face up seven you can expect a huge payout. There are different table limits at bitcoin casinos.

Single Deck Blackjack: This is exactly as it sounds. The game is played with one deck of cards. While when you play in land-based casinos you are generally forced to play by some bad rules, online the house edge is generally almost better than baccarat.

Other blackjack games: Some bitcoin casinos even have their own variation of blackjack. The beauty of playing at bitcoin casinos is that they are less restricted by regulations because they are not dealing with standard currency.

Live Dealer Bitcoin Blackjack

This is has been one of the biggest strides in the bitcoin casino world in the last 12 months. These days if you don’t have a Live Dealer component of your online casino you will struggle to compete.

All of the casinos we have talked about above, barring SatoshiBet have Live Dealers available. This means that on your computer screen you have beautiful girls dishing out the cards.

This has been a huge acquisition tool for online casinos because there is still a stigma attached to RNG games despite having been around for many years. The above mentioned casinos all have smooth video feeds and are among the best on the Web.

Mobile (iOS & Android) Bitcoin Blackjack

The guys who are the movers and shakers in the online casino industry say that it’s just a matter of time until Live Dealer casinos start appearing on our smartphones… We can’t wait.

But for now there are plenty of options for smartphone users (iOS and Android) to play blackjack on their mobile phones with most of the casinos mentioned above, including Cloudbet and having outstanding mobile casinos.

While the selection of games is not as strong as the computer-based alternatives there is still plenty to keep you entertained.

Signing up at bitcoin casinos

Joining a bitcoin casino takes a matter of minutes. All they require is a username and password, and generally an optional email address. This means that you don’t have to give away your identity.

Obviously you can be tracked by your bitcoin wallet, or to be more specific the method of which you have funded your bitcoin wallet, but we’re all honourable folk anyway aren’t we?

You can read about funding your bitcoin wallet and how it is possible to stay anonymous here.

Depositing bitcoins at blackjack casinos

It’s extremely simple to deposit bitcoins at online casinos. You simply make an account at your chosen casino (at which you don’t even need to provide your real name) and send whatever amount you wish over from your funded bitcoin wallet.

If you don’t have a funded bitcoin wallet you can read about how to do this here.

Withdrawals are generally processed within hours at bitcoin casinos and there is no three day wait, which can sometimes happen at fiat casinos, for your money to be returned to you.