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Bitcoin is anonymous banking. It is becoming a more and more popular way to transact funds from person to person, or customer to business.

We can use it to gamble at online casinos, we can bet at sportsbooks around the world. Hell, we can even sign up for various adult websites through the use of bitcoins.

Bitcoin is becoming the choice currency for many bettors who face serious restrictions on how they can deposit money at online casinos or sportsbooks.

Bitcoin Anonymous CasinoIf gambling is banned in your country, or you face banking restrictions on how you can deposit money, Bitcoin is a viable alternative. Check out our guide to buying Bitcoins for an in-depth look at how to get your Bitcoin wallet funded and ready to use.

And of course bitcoin is the currency of the Silk Road, the dark web community which deals in everything from drugs to electronics.

Bitcoin Anytime is run by gambling industry experts and professional journalists who understand Bitcoin and the benefits it can bring to our everyday lives. With more and more countries around the world clamping down on what us people in the free world are allowed to do, we hope this website can help you stay safe while using this crypto currency.

Bitcoin and Gambling

The internet is full of online casinos and sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin as a deposit option. It’s just a matter of choosing ones with reputations that are strong. At BitcoinAnytime we only recommend casinos and bookmakers that we personally gamble at, or have tested fully.

Many countries do not allow casinos and sportsbooks that are based ‘offshore’ to process payments through local banks, which severely limits the ability of bettors to deposit money at their chosen website.

While there are numerous web wallets and other deposit methods available to people at online casinos, many can take a few days to be processed. The beauty of Bitcoin is that there is rarely a deposit limit and it is instant, including being able to withdraw your balance of bitcoins immediately.

As with standard online bookmakers and online casinos, Bitcoin-related products are generally available on computer and smartphone.

Best bitcoin casinos

There are more and more casinos entering the market, or at the very least accepting bitcoin as a deposit method every day. This means there are casinos out there which are not 100 per cent honest. We only recommend casinos which have the highest standards of security, customer service and have strong reputations.

Follow the below links to check out the casinos we endorse:

Bitcoin sportsbooks

The emergence of cryptocurrencies has opened up new avenues for sports betting. This means there are more and more sportsbooks opening their virtual doors all the time. Some of the benefits of betting on sport and racing with bitcoin include better odds, instant deposits & withdrawals, live betting or ‘in-play betting’ (which is banned online in some countries) and, of course, the fact that bitcoin is largely anonymous, meaning people from the USA can bet without the threat of getting in trouble with government agencies.

Because there are generally no restrictions placed on bitcoin bookmakers they offer betting on sports that you may not find at a fiat sportsbook. These include betting on the best video game players in the world, plus various minor leagues (soccer, basketball etc) you may find are not available at your regular bookmaker.

BookmakerBonusBet NowReview
25% Welcome Bonus up to USD $1,000
First Deposit - 100% up to 1BTC
Second Deposit - 50% up to 1BTC
Third Deposit - 25% up to 1BTC
While Nitrogen Sports does not have a sign-up bonus, they do have many specials for existing customers.

Best bitcoin sportsbooks:


Bitcoin News

When something happens in the bitcoin world we will cover it. We have the resources and understanding to bring you the latest news from around the globe. It’s an ever changing game with bitcoin. There have been scandals and other security breaches (which have been ironed out) and cases of people losing or forgetting their unique bitcoin code.

The latest news in the Bitcoin world can be accessed on the right-hand side of this page.

Bitcoin Laws

It can be hard to understand the laws surrounding Bitcoin in your respective country, but we have worked hard to present the information most relevant to your jurisdiction. From our Bitcoin Laws Hub Page you can access the latest from your respective government, whether it be Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, the United States of America or Canada – if your country is English-speaking we will be there to cover it.

Bitcoin Terminology & Frequently Asked Questions

Crypto currency is confusing at the best of times. We originally thought bitcoin mining was a group of men with shovels digging for gold. But it turns out there is an entire dictionary of terms that are foreign to the average Joe. Check out our bitcoin glossary to find plenty of useful information.

We know there are plenty of questions that bitcoin poses, so we have a dedicated page where you can submit questions and we’ll answer them. There are plenty of questions already answered on this page but feel free to hit us up about any query you might have.

Who is behind Bitcoin Anytime?

Bitcoin Anytime is run by a group of long-time gambling industry experts and journalists, who are seeking to cut through the often confusing world of Bitcoin and make it a viable alternative as a payment method, for those who are worried about jumping into using cryptocurrencies.

Several members of the BTC Anytime staff have backgrounds in finance, while others have backgrounds in online gambling and journalism. One staff member was even involved in the early days of Bitcoin mining, but has long since handed the reins over to bigger mining pools.

We believe that you shouldn’t need to get bogged down in the theory of Bitcoin. There are far greater minds than ours behind it, but we will certainly bring you the most up-to-date Bitcoin news, and casino- and sportsbook-related content.

If you would like to contact us we can be found at our About page.